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I am a screenwriter living in Southern California. I've written screenplays for most of the Hollywood studios over the past 20 years. One of the uncredited writers of FANTASTIC FOUR, I wrote FIRE DOWN BELOW starring Steven Seagal, and the TV Movie 12:01 PM starring Martin Landau and MANEATER with Gary Busey. I have directed short films. I have written on numerous Hollywood studio assignments, some for big shot actors, some for small shot nobodies.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Chevy Chase and You Know Who

The Chevy vs. show runner Dan Harmon bruhaha may have finally subsided slightly, as Harmon was squeezed out of his tube of self congratulatory protection cream to offer a half-sideways apology for going public with Chase's verbal rant on his telephone. Personally, I thought that was a great move.


I hate when bullies win, and that counts even when a bully is being bullied. Chase is famous for his bullying. So is Harmon. There's a potential reality show here - 'Double Down Douche Bag' - and see who out - acts - out the other?

I worked on SNL back in the day (it was my job out of college) and it was just several years after Chevy Chase's tenure. (Two years after Bill Murray, six after Chase is when I started). There were a lot of people around on the production staff who still had known him. The word back then on Chase wasn't good either. You'll see that supported in the various journalistic accounts that have backtracked through the years and gotten first person accounts of all the antics, actors and attitudes that spread out over the show's run. You make your own bed and then you lie in it, correct? It seems Chase has been defecating in every bed he gets for decades. it's not more complicated than that. You reap what you sow. Can anyone reading these accounts imagine either leaving the message he did - or being treated the way he was at the wrap party? Probably not - bu then again you all probably haven't pathologically acted out in an infantile manner to all your co-workers everywhere you go. As to the other side, Harmon, now being called out on his excessive bullying, is clearly in a league of his own. And you can only ever have one big bully at the dance, and the biggest one wins. Chevy is sort of a broken child. I think Harmon is a mean grown up. Nuff said about who made sure he had to win. Ironic that Harmon was so offensive, he made himself look worse than the established chronic drama queen and now has to back pedal on his own offensiveness.


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