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Stories from a seasoned screenwriter. Take heart! Your creative source is infinite and un-ending. Sometimes Hollywood just rips up the roadmap back to it. The bottom line is that Hollywood is not at all as bad as it sounds. Additionally, it's worse than you can imagine. Remember to pack a sense of humor.


I am a screenwriter living in Southern California. I've written screenplays for most of the Hollywood studios over the past 20 years. One of the uncredited writers of FANTASTIC FOUR, I wrote FIRE DOWN BELOW starring Steven Seagal, and the TV Movie 12:01 PM starring Martin Landau and MANEATER with Gary Busey. I have directed short films. I have written on numerous Hollywood studio assignments, some for big shot actors, some for small shot nobodies.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Gold in this Gold Rush Town isn't the Gold.

Creativity and manifestation are the cure all for all ills, I believe, and the self worth, and self help that come through with it is life saving and life transforming energy. New work is not the gold in the gold rush of Hollywood. The gold is what is deposited in your own soul. Writing a story that moves and thrills you is giving back to the world. It's a gift you place on the "once upon a time" altar where you found inspiration in the first place. Sure when you sell something you'll bring some bucks into your household, but what you bring into your own spirit will be priceless. It's not just the bucks. Creative work is expansive, extraordinary and profound, and of course, at any moment, is the work that might be the thing that turns life on a dime.


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